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Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Time:4:24 pm.
Two weeks ago.... I saw a Mastadon/Deathklock show. Deathklock is the TIGHTEST metal band I've ever seen. I was tripping balls too. Big Luke, believe that shit - that Deathklock is amazing live. Mastadon was fun, they had some pretty wicked Pink Floyd esque. visuals going on later in the set between songs = brain melting.

A week ago was Halloween, ate some mushrooms 20 minutes before my band played. Rickerson was Dr. Manhatten (a ass naked blue guy) so his penis was out also ate some shit, and freaked out in the middle of the set, it was awsome. It would have been a good night for a bomb in the bass drum. Seth fucked up someones face, so later on someone charged at Ryan with a 4 ft., 12inch diameter LOG and nailed his forearm.- I DJed the garage and felt like god for the majority of the evening.

Last Night saw lamb of God, missed GWAR god damnit, and I was in the middle of a nice mild sea of mushroom agian. Ate afterwords at the Iron Skillet, with 3 people on mushrooms and one sober, and injested 3000 calories of pure energy.

Its been an intresting 40 days. - I dont know why I posted this.... whatever
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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Time:1:59 am.
This Jay Z/Radiohead mashup is actually pretty fucking cool.................
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Monday, December 8th, 2008

Subject:Enjoy Let's Paint TV
Time:7:26 pm.

this stuff's gold
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Time:7:21 pm.
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Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Time:2:41 pm.
Crystal Lake's Old Ironsides hard to pin down
By Jeff Pizek | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 10/15/2008 12:05 AM

On Old Ironsides' MySpace profile, the group describes itself in drolly mythical terms. Reading more like a superhero team's origin story than a band bio, the saga includes Genghis Khan, a Transylvanian laboratory, a crashed space traveler, a Viking king and a horde of mastodons.

While many bands use MySpace's obligatory "About" field for pointless in-jokes or non sequiturs, Old Ironsides' clearly fictional tale actually clues a listener in to the Crystal Lake-based quintet's larger-than-life sound. Their modern take on progressive rock shares skyward glances with superstars such as The Mars Volta and Minus the Bear, yet carries the pensive lyricism of indie rock, the comprehensible structure of classic rock and the serrated heft of heavy metal.

The music is intrepid, substantial and virtuosic despite its creators' relative youth. It's also meticulously integrated, considering that Old Ironsides members' individual tastes range from film scores and progressive metal to hip-hop, funk and punk.

"We don't purposely go out there trying to write bizarre, strange music," notes drummer Ken Berens. "It's just that the songs often find themselves ending up that way."

Old Ironsides released a self-titled EP early this year, featuring four distinctly different tunes and a clear, powerful recording. The upbeat, metallic "Breaking Loose (Into the Sky)" never pauses for a breath, while the atmospheric "Dancing in Gobbler's Gulch" creeps forward with slinky drama to spare. Following the EP's release, the band opened Local H's March gig at the Clearwater Theater and was included on the international compilation "Chronicles: City of Sound."

It's no surprise that guitarists Alex Boccia and Ryan Rickerson formed Old Ironsides and handle the bulk of the songwriting, since guitars are so crucial here. Berens says that when the duo found him three years ago, they hoped to add an "outer space" feeling to their rock-based material.

"We wanted to be sort of like a classic rock 'n' roll band," Berens says, "but with a really modern spin." He points out the band's aversion to writing typical verse/chorus/verse songs, comparing their style to the dynamic extensions of '70s prog and to Tool, "where their songs sort of snake, they weave in and out. We also have what I like to think of as the awesomeness of Metallica's old music: the wild twists and changes, the energy, the drastic mood shifts that still carry that raw power."

"We don't necessarily approach our music with a specific style in mind," Boccia says. "We approach it with a concept or an idea, and we make the music become what it needs to be to follow that idea."

Berens cites Boccia's tendency to write music which accompanies "a little movie in his head." One example is a speedy new song with the working title "Tomcat," in which the guitar interplay was inspired by watching dogfights on The History Channel. The lyrics, however, are kept independent, since they're written by vocalist Seth Peterson.

"Seth never really tells us what his songs are about," admits Berens. "A couple of the songs have a pretty vague meaning and he's pretty secretive. But I really like lyrics like that, where nothing's set in stone."

"I take Alex's visions of what the songs are about and do my own take on that," Peterson explains. "When he says 'Tomcat' is about a dogfight, I take that idea and it becomes its own thing, more like good versus evil than an actual airplane fight."

Wide musical spaces and potentially big concepts aside, Old Ironsides offers a refreshing lack of pretension for a group that takes its music so seriously. For proof, see the aforementioned MySpace page and its homemade music video for "Breaking Loose." In addition to genuine McHenry County locations, such as Crystal Lake's Williams Street Tap, it showcases Old Ironsides in some hilariously amateur off-Broadway choreography. It's not an OK Go-style gimmick, either.

"We're not trying to sell ourselves. We're just being ourselves," Berens says. "We don't want to be like a Mötley Crüe party band, but a fun band is never a bad thing to have."

The group is currently in the process of constructing their first full-length CD, although to date, Old Ironsides has only completed 12 or so songs. It's not a huge catalog, but understandable, since each of those songs is the result of an involved process. Berens says it can take up to a year to get an arrangement down, and the band documents the process by recording demos on a 16-track recorder at his house.

"We take our sweet time," the drummer says, "so when we enter the studio, we know exactly what we want."

The album, hopefully due by the beginning of the year, is slated to contain 10 songs, or about 80 minutes of music in all. Considering the sheer length of what they're planning, the band is debating a double-disc release, splitting the songs onto separate CDs to help the material flow.

"If that's within our financial reach," Berens says, "we figured that would be pretty bold."

As if Old Ironsides' music wasn't bold enough itself.
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Subject:this is rad
Time:2:14 am.
----The Jim Henson company is set to launch a film called Happytime Murders, a "Muppet-like" take on the detective film noir genre. The catch? It will be geared towards adults.

Consisting of a mix of humans and puppets, the film will depict the exploits of a puppet detective and the cast of popular children show The Happytime Gang as they go around (sans the "Mystery Machine") solving murders.

While it may seem to fall in the "WTF" category, it could be viewed as a revival of the mixed performer "kids stuff for adults" dynamic we saw utilized successfully with animation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (And less so in Cool World.)

Details are still few and far between as of now, but it may be an indication that the Henson Co. is looking to expand their demographic by taking some risks. In that respect, more power to them. If they're going to bomb, bomb in style. Make it memorable-----------

Word on the street, it will be written by the people who wrote the Sarah Marshall movie - I haven't seen, heard good things. I like the muppets very much so, that bit of news excited me.
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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Time:11:27 pm.
Look for an Old Ironsides feature article in next weekends Daily Herald. Apparently it will be the main article of the music section, of the entertainment section. Pretty neat.... coincides with our October 18th clearwater show. Guy said he was looking for good bands in the burbs'. Pretty cool he choose us.


- Ken
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Monday, September 29th, 2008

Time:9:42 pm.
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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Subject:Worlds first Dog Fronted band
Time:6:40 pm.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Subject:Im sorry but this is pure gold trash
Time:1:25 am.
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Monday, September 15th, 2008

Subject:"I had this suck fucking dream one night, and uh, well- fuck it, just check this shit out yourself"
Time:1:56 pm.
Hey Tacoma

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Friday, August 29th, 2008

Time:4:22 pm.
Laura Vodnansky gave me $0.00 tip

She still smells really bad
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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Subject:Dear Big Luke
Time:2:37 pm.
I was just at your old 18+ page, you never posted your Zozobra/Clouds interview........... i'd like to read it.
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Time:3:09 pm.
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Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Time:5:24 pm.
watching the weather channel..... So its the national map, week simulcast, weatherman points to flordia and says "should be great weather for those going to the snakes and arrows concert". which is a Rush concert. Funny little plug I though
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Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Time:6:20 pm.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Subject:Chromeo, Bonafide Lovin'
Time:11:09 pm.
This shit is awesome. Straight 80's, Micheal Jackson "Thriller" styled music I guess. Nice and modern though. If you like this I suggest buying/downloading/I-Tunsing the album, its pretty fun.

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Monday, February 18th, 2008

Time:4:57 pm.
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Time:8:07 pm.
Old Ironsides & Local H...... March 14th @ the Clearwater Theater

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Subject:Mark Ronson ft. Lilly Allen
Time:6:03 pm.
It wont let me embed it..... go here and watch

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