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this is rad

----The Jim Henson company is set to launch a film called Happytime Murders, a "Muppet-like" take on the detective film noir genre. The catch? It will be geared towards adults.

Consisting of a mix of humans and puppets, the film will depict the exploits of a puppet detective and the cast of popular children show The Happytime Gang as they go around (sans the "Mystery Machine") solving murders.

While it may seem to fall in the "WTF" category, it could be viewed as a revival of the mixed performer "kids stuff for adults" dynamic we saw utilized successfully with animation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (And less so in Cool World.)

Details are still few and far between as of now, but it may be an indication that the Henson Co. is looking to expand their demographic by taking some risks. In that respect, more power to them. If they're going to bomb, bomb in style. Make it memorable-----------

Word on the street, it will be written by the people who wrote the Sarah Marshall movie - I haven't seen, heard good things. I like the muppets very much so, that bit of news excited me.
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